Sunday, November 23, 2008


While Linden Lab gives lip service to improving the experience of premium account holders the following harassment continues.

I have had land in Bear sim since the sim was created in 2005. Before there was a telehub, road or infohub. In 2006 when Torley Linden asked me did I want a Infohub for new players to rez and explore I said yes. He chose the builder because I was fairly new and could not build. The build was completed and sat there for some time. New players occasionally rezzed, wandered and moved on.

In 2007 Lindne Lab changed the definition of the infohub and encouraged mass unsupervised gathering there. So now a sim that can only hold 40 avatars at once mostly supports the infohub loiterers (not just new players now, but mostly older, established accounts that like to greif and stand in the infohub). I pay $125 USD a month in tier to use the sim resources in Bear and cannot even hold a class for five avatars in my DJ school. My money goes to support Linden Lab's parking lot.

After a year of Abuse reports to Linden Lab about UNFAIR USE OF SIM RESOURCES, their Live Help representative offerred me the same amount of land in another mainland sim. This was some progress. For 12 months the AR Team, The Community Team and Concierge said that the infohub had no negative impact on the sim server and did not impede my ability to use my fair share of resources. Finally Live Help admitted that the infohub uses an excessive amount of sim resources. But the offer to move me was not one that made sense. I was here first. I have over 16,000 Meters in the sim with custom content and builds on them. The Infohub is a wooden shack (that people rarely enter - they stand around outside 'camping' for hours and chatting) and a few prims with a brick texture on it. It is of course easier to move that small structure than for me to move my builds. The parking lot loiterers can loiter anywhere. I have invested nearly four years, thousands of real dollars and hours into my location. And I will not be bullied into starting over. Even by my service provider.

One day after I refused Live Help's offer to move me, Bear sim Infohub was full for three days straight. I had to cancel all classes and events because we could not even teleport the staff into the sim. After I Abuse Reported the infohub for UNFAIR USE OF SIM RESOURCES the resident that built the infohub in 2006 came to the infohub and rezzed megaprim walls around the infohub and informed residents in the infohub that the wall was there to block site of my parcel across the street. Of course this blocked the other tier-paying residents' parcels from the people rezzing in the infohub also.

To be clear - I do not derive my customer base from the traffick at the infohub. If I wanted to monopolize upon that sort of traffick - I would have had one of my clubs where my school is (across from the infohub) and rented out retail space to anyone that wanted it. So this wall has no effect on my SL business. What it does effect is the relationship the service provider (Linden Lab) has with their Premium Account holder (me). Since the Linden Department of Public Works refuses to remove the wall (Citing the Bear infohub is set to a group owned by Torley Linden so only Torley has any oversight over this particular infohub even though it is Governor Lindne Land), Torley Linden will not take the wall down or have his group member that rezzed the wall remove it and Katt Linden refused to acknowledge that a agent of Linden Lab abused her power to rez the megaprims on Governor Linden Land (even as Linden Lab discourages the use of megaprims on the mainland- hypocritical at best) - the wall remains and the builder continues to tell residents she rezzed it to block the Tier payer in the sim.

For a agent of Linden Lab to block the view of Bear Sim from residents rezzing in the infohub is a gross abuse of the power Linden Lab alotted to her. The Department of Public Works refuses to remove the wall stating that the Bear Infohub is under Torley Linden's supervision since it is set to his group - and Torley Linden refuses to respond about the wall or remove it. This is all in an effort to force me to move out of Bear Sim so the Linden parking lot can flourish.

So here we are going into YEAR TWO of the Mexican standoff between a premium account holder and the service provider. When Lindne Lab gets serious about curtailing the greivance actions of it's employees toward their customers they will be well on their way to vastly improving the experience of premium accounts.

This is fair waring to anyone thinking of getting a premium account and buyimg mainland server space from Linden Lab.

-Lias Leandros
Premium Account Holder in Bear Sim since 2005