Monday, January 18, 2010

2010: The Grief Wall & Crowding continue

Three years after I asked the people standing in the Linden Parking Lot to please make room for the people coming to the parcel I pay for in Bear sim - Ravenelle has increased the seating to make sure more people loiter there and cause imposible lag all day, crowd out any events scheduled in the sim and use her greif wall to block out any merchant's trying to conduct business in Bear Sim.

Blondin Linden still says that the wall is not a greif wall and Linden Lab refuses to remove it. Yet Ravenelle pays no tier for this land. Thsi land is Linden owned and the new players that end up there are sent there by Linden Lab.

This situation connot be resolved because Ravenelle is the real-life wife of Torley Linden - and she feels - along with every Linden Lab employee - that this makes her log cabin more important than the tier I have been paying in Bear since the sim rezzed - way before I agreed with Torley to have a infohub in Bear Sim.

July 2010 will be the 3 year anniversary of this Linden-endorsed harassment. No other infohub anywhere has a greif wall built to block out one side of a sim (Chief sim on the opther side is not blocked at all).

Linden Lab has admitted that - as new user experiences- Infohubs are a fail. Nothing but griefers and bad experiences for new players. The Gateway program is the new system that will be in place.

When the Bay City Infohub overflow was making it difficult for the paying residents to enjoy what they were paying for - Linden Lab moved the Hub - problem solved. But Ravenelle and Torley Linden refuse to move the Hub in Bear sim - and have decided to just attempt to run anyone out of business that complains about the lodge they do not pay for.

I sit in awe at Linden Lab's treatment of a customer that has paid tier since 2005 in the same sim. Hopefully the employee turnover in the Lab will garner a person with enough power and common sense to end this bullying so the Bear Sim can become productive again.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Some People 'Get It'

Binyamin Blogfan: Hi Lias, I agree with you about the "Grief Wall" in Bear. I went to the infohub a few days ago thinking I could sit in a bench and look at a wonderful view from a hill top and take some nice pics. NO!!!!! What I saw was a place surrounded by a disgusting wall and I felt clostrophobic!!! I have no idea what this wall is supposed to protect noobs from? All I could see around Bear was an info center, tastefull clothing shop, a sand box for NOOBS!!!, a very nice fun house, a club store, and MY OWN HOUSE. I notice the wall doesn't effect an adjoing info area and shop right next to the infohub (probably friends of the wall creator). The wall on the Chief side is far worse. It is an opaque shiny gold wall. It completely ruins the view next to my house. To retaliate I put signs above it. I've sent a few pics for you to see what it looks like now looking toward Chief. Thanks for the cause!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Second Life becomes Chatroom

While in the road outside my infohub I heard some noobs say "I like this CHATROOM, I am not going back to Yahoo". So our new residents see Second Life as one big social network chatroom and content in between. Linden Lab cannot go wrong if they just go along with them. Rez these 'chatroom' islands away from the paying customers and advertise them as such. But give the rest of us a much needed break already.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Interview with a Infohub Loiterer

One long term infohub loiterer (2 years and counting)got so bored during is 5 hours sitting on his motorcycle in the Bear Infohub that he was willing to speak to me about why he has been standing there for two years/ Mind you that the sim was completely bogged down in lag today - the scripters hired to work had to leave because nothing would work. Yet 20 of these listless loosers gathered en mass for hours to behave like fools.
[15:52] Lias Leandros: Not look for controversy - just trying to understand - why loiter in a parcel that is in a sim that is lagging out beyong belief, has over 20 avatars and bots in it - and peopel rezzing on the same spot every 3 minutes? Is that a acceptable online experience for you? DO you think you ad to the sim issues?
[15:56] Divemaster Tomorrow: yeah i as well as everyone in any sim add to the issues, its inherently impossible to not, but for me, i just come to you know watch, laugh, help if i can, and say hello to some peeps i;ve known for ages in the place that i was comfy comin into back then, seems that hangouts...ei,clubs n beaches and many other places, i mean aside from like the dedicated sims for a ceratin genre that is, everyone doesnt all go to any one place but places like the hubs where their first socializing moments where spent ya know what i mean hon? i know that was kinda lenghty but had to elaborate
[15:58] Lias Leandros: But as one that is experienced, that is aware of what causes sim issues - I am not sure why you, and your old palyer friends would remain here for several hours with the sim in thsi condition, with these many bots/campers on this one parcel and so many rezzing every three minutes
[16:01] Divemaster Tomorrow: tbh, speaking only for me that is, i actually am working alot of the time online, sometimes i even forget where dive dolly is lmao but it can be lengthy times, i try to leave dive dolly in my home sim if i know i'll be a long time
[16:12] Lias Leandros: well I out this in private chat so it wouldnt be a negative attention thing
[16:12] Lias Leandros: I was really curious
[16:12] Lias Leandros: but I see most of you feel that I am just one and I am not vausing the lag by myself
[16:12] Lias Leandros: So no one individual is to blame
[16:13] Lias Leandros: and no one individual is willing to see there is a sim issue and volunteer to help alleviate the problem
[16:18] Divemaster Tomorrow: hon i know why you feel the way you do but its true that we all contribute to any good or bad the program , systems,servers , and the sims experience, rezzing items that run innificient scrips as well, there seems to be no happy medium to it in any of the sims i frequent as well, i used to think it was my machine alone
[16:18] Lias Leandros: of course when 20 avatars gather on one parcel the sim server feels strain
[16:18] Lias Leandros: we all know that
[16:19] Lias Leandros: when people rez on the same spot over and over again for 24 hours a day it degrades the server also
[16:19] Lias Leandros: I know we all know that
[16:19] Lias Leandros: the bizarre part is that none of you care
[16:19] Lias Leandros: and your all adults with jobs and education
[16:20] Lias Leandros: but the internet allows you to be callous and irresponsible
[16:20] Lias Leandros: and I believe that is the draw of these parking lots to you all
[16:21] Lias Leandros: you all can be rude assholes, its a activity embraced by the service provider - and no one can stop you
[16:21] Lias Leandros: rebels without a cause
[16:21] Lias Leandros: a chatroom with avatars
[16:23] Divemaster Tomorrow: well i concur with you there as well, many if not most think they can let their proverbial hair down in sl to the extent it effects others in adverse ways, saying and doing what they want and acting like asshats, i dont look to nor seek to be or do or be that way to others and have always cared what others think, i'm told its not an attribute but a hinderance
[16:23] Lias Leandros: yet you have been here for several hours with this sim lagging beyond belief
[16:24] Lias Leandros: I thin there is a disconnect with rational adults and this actibity of infohub loitering
[16:24] Divemaster Tomorrow: and nor all are adults, or have jobs and even a decent education tbh, some are quite illiterate and irresponsible both in and out of sl
[16:25] Lias Leandros: actually most of the Bear infohub loiterers are the opposite of that
[16:26] Lias Leandros: I mean they seem t be very passive aggressive and in need of some draa - but they are mostly over 30 with secure real lives
[16:28] Divemaster Tomorrow: my lag is in and out like waves, it really isnt that bad most the time, mine is mostly client side, my pc is a 7yo poc
[16:28] Lias Leandros: its very bad today
[16:29] Lias Leandros: yet you choose to sit in it and add to it
[16:29] Lias Leandros: I just wonder why
[16:31] Divemaster Tomorrow: well it has been a location of and for some of the most hysterical fun i have experienced in sl. just when i start getting grived by waterhead asshats or mornonic individuals i usully just go smoke a spliff and ride something somewhere lol
[16:31] Divemaster Tomorrow: the entertainment factor here has always been a point of interest
[16:33] Divemaster Tomorrow: i am sure of one thing hon, i dont deal well with stress and it is a killer, no one should let anything or anyone trouble them too much Muah! ; *
[16:34] Lias Leandros: Well I entered Sl for what it was advertised for in 2005 - a place to create
[16:34] Lias Leandros: The new SLer wants a 3D Chatroom - with very little or no fees attached
[16:35] Lias Leandros: Linden Lab wants the warm bodies
[16:35] Lias Leandros: surely no one comes into Second Life, invests with the sole intention of experiencing stress and drama
[16:35] Lias Leandros: like the open sim debacle - the stress and drama was bought to the paying customer
[16:36] Lias Leandros: as this parking lot was brought to me
[16:37] Divemaster Tomorrow: yes i know , and finding some happy medium for everything should be what we all strive for in life everywhere, seems to be my quest , not always the business persons though, the lindens arent in it for the fun factor we know
[16:39] Divemaster Tomorrow: we are all on the same planet and after mainly the same things, we should by now be able to all get along in that common cause but were human, and its no wonder no one in the vastness of space wants anything to do with us, or let us openly know they exist
[16:40] Divemaster Tomorrow: barbarians still and the most competitive living things we know of, cant say i blame anyone out there
[16:41] Lias Leandros: Wel I am in for the 'fun factor' but not at the expense of anyone else
[16:41] Lias Leandros: and that is what is missing from the smallpopulation of peopel that loiter in these places
[16:41] Lias Leandros: and it is just a small mindset that engages in this activity
[16:42] Divemaster Tomorrow: many dont care , its a generation thing
[16:42] Lias Leandros: I thin it is a 'follower' thing
[16:42] Lias Leandros: The true sociopaths lead the loitering cause
[16:42] Divemaster Tomorrow: i have found many people are extremely insecure
[16:42] Lias Leandros: the weak - the ones desperately looking to 'fit in' follow
[16:43] Lias Leandros: then the ones in the middle (as you) just hang out and will continue to do so because they do nto see themselves as part of the problem
[16:44] Lias Leandros: well it does take a level of insecurity and abject loneliness to find this activity fulfilling
[16:48] Divemaster Tomorrow: i come in sl for the freedom, i do my best to remain inside guidlines that are placed, but like you, i wont let others dictate to me what i can or cannot do inside those guidelines nor take away from me my ability to enjoy doing what i want and can and when i want to do them at my expense, its hard enough for me to deal with guidelines and rules and still enjoy life in or out of sl lol
[16:49] Lias Leandros: Not like me - I allow dictates all of the time
[16:49] Lias Leandros: I embrace community dictates
[16:49] Lias Leandros: that is why I invested in the purchase of land in the community
[16:50] Divemaster Tomorrow: i have been waiting for the proverbial shit ta hit the fan with copywrited items and now brand names, the adult mature pg shit, its all hittin the fan now and took alot longer then imagined they would
[16:50] Lias Leandros: and it is not what you do at your own expense - it is the expense of others that is the issue in a community
[16:59] Divemaster Tomorrow is typing...
[16:59] Divemaster Tomorrow: well i wont sacrifice my fun at others expenses intentionally, inadvertainly it happens, i try not to impose that on anyone else. i try to be fair but being middle of the road isnt easy, i have always had a hard time with authority and one reason i joned the military was to try to learn to cope with it, to think of living in a community unless it was or resembles something from the late 60's is beyond what i can deal with when it comes to owning a home out of sl, and probably would be just the same in sl, regulations and taxes are what we in the usa have always fought against not for, divided we fall yes but united we stand is true when it comes to a fight or defense or getting something changed, but to not be able to use a certain color or fence about my property i wont tolerate

[17:02] Lias Leandros: well it can be concluded after you loitering here for over a year (if not longer) it is quite intentional - since you are well aware of the issue - Unless you refuse to accept what the issue is
[17:02] Divemaster Tomorrow: atm my lag is horrible, just went beserk
[17:02] Lias Leandros: its not just your lag - its the entire server
[17:02] Lias Leandros: reacting the traffic, bots and loitering here
[17:03] Divemaster Tomorrow: tbh i didnt think there was any issue here that isnt experienced in every sim unless privately owned
[17:04] Divemaster Tomorrow: theres is no difference anywhere i go and i am like jack kerouac and have been to every info hub and tons of sims, the info hub sims are always horrendous, it comes with the territorty imho
[17:05] Lias Leandros: yes the infohub sims are always horrendous
[17:06] Lias Leandros: so why be part of the problem?
[17:06] Lias Leandros: because to be mildly entertained by a groiup of fools is worth being in the wrong?
[17:10] Divemaster Tomorrow: if i ever had a business i would never want to have it in a sim with an infohub even though the target market may all be there, i wouldnt have a home on a sim with an infohub as well, i came to that conclusion the third day i was in world
[17:11] Lias Leandros: You do remember I was here before a infohub
[17:11] Lias Leandros: and that in the purest form of a infohub in my day
[17:11] Lias Leandros: it was not meant to be abused like this
[17:12] Divemaster Tomorrow: yes and i felt for you when they made one here trully, but i was hoping that it would be a good thing for business, maybe not for living but it had adverse effects i know
[17:12] Divemaster Tomorrow: thats linden labs all over!
[17:13] Lias Leandros: agreed to make one for the new players
[17:13] Lias Leandros: then you all NON new players decided to take it over
[17:13] Lias Leandros: we lost the First Land program because of abuses
[17:14] Lias Leandros: and sadly, mainland infohubs will suffer the same fate because of the mass loitering and harassment
[17:14] Lias Leandros: hear the conversation here?
[17:14] Lias Leandros: calling jews and Christians names?
[17:15] Lias Leandros: is this a first experience worthy of a cutting edge world?
[17:16] Divemaster Tomorrow: i actually thought the co-op would be good for moving aforementioned non new players away from the hub but it never would help the lag being in the same sim obviously, but the thought was there at least
[17:16] Lias Leandros: it did help because no member of the co-op had the ability to create community
[17:17] Divemaster Tomorrow: oh ive heard shit you wouldnt believe lias, people coming here and saying 911 wasnt enough and didnt kill enough of us new yorkers
[17:17] Lias Leandros: the co-opers just wanted negative attention ina parking lot
[17:17] Lias Leandros: Its sad you all find this entertainement in a cutting edge 3D world
[17:18] Lias Leandros: you lower the standards and beloittle the efforts peopel put in to make this the first place one can build and develop new experiences
[17:18] Lias Leandros: the old experience of just chatting and trying to be more gross than the other is not one that needs to take over Second Life
[17:18] Lias Leandros: yet you loitering players want SL to be this
[17:19] Lias Leandros: and that is sad
[17:22] Divemaster Tomorrow: whats sad is that you lump everyone into the same category that is or comes here, i try to avoid categorizing and stereotyping at all costs, sl is this as well as many other things, this is one part of it people find entertaining as i mentioned before that it can be to me, i like entertainment, and if you think this is the only form i like or partake of your loco, i cant even explain to people the extent of what sl has to offer, but this part can be fun shit yeah, or unbeleivibly sad and pathetic at times sadly as well, i try to take the good with the bad and cope and not stress
[17:22] Divemaster Tomorrow: sl is all things
[17:22] Divemaster Tomorrow: and unfathomably deep with content
[17:23] Lias Leandros: I am only talking to the ones that do this as part of their SL for over a year
[17:23] Lias Leandros: not everyone in SL
[17:23] Lias Leandros: Infohub Loiterers are a distinct group
[17:23] Lias Leandros: with a distince thought pattern
[17:24] Divemaster Tomorrow: i come here and do nothing so i must be part of that category obviously, but like i said, this is only an infinitesmal part of what i enjoy as entertainment
[17:25] Lias Leandros: well you have enjoyed this for over 4 hours today
[17:25] Lias Leandros: as has many of the other loiterers
[17:25] Lias Leandros: because - just like at the co-op- if you did not have any idiots to watch - you would not sit here
[17:27] Divemaster Tomorrow: tbh i havent a clue and am not keeping track, i come in to forget about time as well if i can, unless working of course ; P but its not the idiots i come to bear infohub to experience for entertainment, they are just a sideshow
[17:28] Divemaster Tomorrow: and they are everywhere not just here, i spend time in many places not just here
[17:29] Lias Leandros: no matter the condition of the sim - or the crowding in the infohub - you wil come and entertain yourself
[17:37] Divemaster Tomorrow: i try to remain where i want to be regardless of lag but thats not always possible, when for example a biker sim i'm hanging and riding in gets so lagged i cant ride, i leave, unless we stay just to socialize on voice regardless of the lag, doesnt matter what sim it is more of what one wants to do in that sim
[17:37] Divemaster Tomorrow: and whats capable at the time
[17:37] Lias Leandros: I see \so the sim condition is not a factor when loitering'
[17:37] Lias Leandros: well of course not
[17:38] Lias Leandros: your not actually doing anything
[17:38] Lias Leandros: as long as voice doesnt crash you are fine
[17:39] Lias Leandros: Do you hear them calling this a chatroom?
[17:39] Lias Leandros: and that is the mentality
[17:40] Divemaster Tomorrow: yeah some think thats all it is or all they want to do
[17:40] Lias Leandros: yeah - your one of them
[17:40] Lias Leandros: you have been here for 5 hours
[17:40] Lias Leandros: I thank you for speaking to me
[17:40] Lias Leandros: because I see more clearly the mindset of the loiterer
[17:43] Lias Leandros: Moosebeach is the new full sim infohub - but because it is always full the sim next to it gets all of the overflow loiterers. The owners of the land in the sim next door to the infohub complain that they cant enter their own land - and Linden Lab said they would do nothing about it
[17:44] Divemaster Tomorrow: lias, i always speak to you, and regardless of what anyone thinks or feels about you or i damn straight, and the derigotory "mindset of a loiterer" comment i let roll of and bite my tongue when it comes to saying to you what i feel, i try to be civil, and level headed and to keep friendly with all people, sadly there are some that will never find their happy medium in anything, n p.s. i have been here when there is no one on/in the sim and experience just as much lag as now and worse at times
[17:45] Lias Leandros: there has never been any attempt to reach anything resembling a happy medium
[17:45] Lias Leandros: as you said - you come to do as you please and that is your only concern
[17:45] Lias Leandros: you and the others obviouslky have the same attitude
[17:46] Lias Leandros: The sim experiences the same lag because of the constant teleporting to thsi parcel - new teleport and rezz every 3 minutes 24 hours a day
[17:46] Lias Leandros: on top of that the bots stuck here 24 hours a day
[17:46] Lias Leandros: and then of course - the loiterers
[17:46] Lias Leandros: all adds up to wasted sim resources for the sake of nothing
[17:48] Divemaster Tomorrow is typing...
[17:49] Divemaster Tomorrow: well you will believe what you want and about whom you want regardless i have always seen, i try to remain neutral and cant even relate to you except to be "for your insight" into a "loiterer" you call things the way you see them and that wont change, and ya know, your not always correct m'dear, infact, way of base and hypocritical most the time, not to mention contradictory , you have to somehow get a grip and come to terms with the persons whom make the differences and cause the troubles you think are caused by people, again i have been here and in many sims with no avatars present and found the same and worse lag, you chosse the place, linedns erected a hub, fight with them, not your fellow human beings luv
[17:50] Lias Leandros: lindens made a first land program
[17:51] Lias Leandros: lindens made roadside parcels
[17:51] Lias Leandros: it took peopel like you to abuse these Linden made things
[17:51] Lias Leandros: the fault is where it should be Divemaster
[17:51] Lias Leandros: explouts are caused by expliters
[17:51] Lias Leandros: not te service provider
[17:51] Divemaster Tomorrow: it takes no one but the linden labs to alter, or allow anything in world to take place
[17:52] Lias Leandros: they over estimate the human condition
[17:52] Lias Leandros: thats their major fault
[17:52] Lias Leandros: sadly rules ontop of rules are needed to control adults
[17:52] Lias Leandros: self control goes out of the window

Friday, July 17, 2009


I just had a silly conversation with Blondin Linden where he attempts to say Ravenelle's grief wall blocking Bear sim (but not Chief Sim) was put there 3 years after the infohub was built because it adds to teh aesthetic of the infohub ( No infohub in Second Life anywhere has a mega prim wall rezzed around it). Nepotism out of control. I guess if I knew that Ravenelle's was Torley Linden's wife I would have had second thoughts when he suggested her to build the Bear infohub. Her unhealthy attachment t this parcel started immediately in 2006 when she griefed retailers in Chief with a similar wall. But this one is her full monument to a Crazy-Lady Like grief - blocking an entire sim, adding ten more seats to a overcrowded infohub to encourage more loitering and enlisting the assistance of Welcome Area Griefers to harass the tier payers of Bear Sim. Below is the nonsense conversation I just had with Blondin Linden.


[15:26] Blondin Linden: (Saved Fri Jul 17 10:24:30 2009) Hi Lias. Let me know when your online
[15:27] Lias Leandros: Hi Blondin I am online
[15:27] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[15:51] Blondin Linden: Hi
[15:51] Lias Leandros: i
[15:51] Lias Leandros: hi
[15:52] Blondin Linden: So I'd like to have a quick little chat about the Bear Wall
[15:52] Blondin Linden: :)
[15:52] Lias Leandros: oh wow, ok
[15:53] Blondin Linden: have you seen it recently?
[15:53] Lias Leandros: I assume Torley's boss made his wife put a hole in it
[15:53] Blondin Linden: But you've seen the door
[15:53] Lias Leandros: Why is this non linden employee allowed to greif the Bear Sim?
[15:53] Blondin Linden: She's not greifing the sim
[15:54] Lias Leandros: she put a small hole in the wall that blocks the view of the entire sim
[15:54] Lias Leandros: she SAYS she put up the wall because all of the builds in Bear are ugly
[15:54] Lias Leandros: thats her statement
[15:54] Lias Leandros: That is the information she shares with any resident that asks
[15:54] Blondin Linden: Well, its a doorway regardless and it looks good to me.
[15:55] Lias Leandros: If she was doing it for asthetics - Cheif Sim would be blocked also
[15:55] Blondin Linden: I also notice tha the agent limit for Bear is now 50
[15:55] Lias Leandros: Itsa a attack on Bear sim while Chief Sim is left alone
[15:55] Blondin Linden: agent limit
[15:55] Lias Leandros: there is no way 50 avatars can be in Bear without there being extreme sim issues
[15:56] Blondin Linden: Well, you can say that for any region with a hub in it
[15:56] Lias Leandros: your own one sim infohubs have a limit of 40
[15:56] Blondin Linden: Have you been to Hau Koda recently?
[15:57] Lias Leandros: Just yesterday i Had to wait in Nepessing toget in Bear because all the green dots in the sim were in the infohub
[15:57] Blondin Linden: I was in Bear yesterday as well and I did not have that problem
[15:57] Lias Leandros: I really do not know why you all allow the wife of an employee to rez a grief wall in a infohub
[15:58] Lias Leandros: You just contacted me to tell me you like the hole and thats it?
[15:58] Lias Leandros: I figure if I can get a hole then I can get the entire grief wall removed
[15:58] Blondin Linden: I had a chat with Ravenella yesterday as well and I posed a suggestion to her to go along with the new doorway. I was thinking that she could make a Bear Region Business Directoy with LMs or notecards or whatever and display it front and center at the hub.
[15:59] Lias Leandros: The Wall Blondin
[15:59] Lias Leandros: causes community issues there
[15:59] Blondin Linden: The wall does not grief the sim
[15:59] Lias Leandros: she tells the people that loiter there that the wall is to protect them from the ugly builds in Bear
[15:59] Lias Leandros: what reason did she tell you that 3 years after building a hub - that she decided to wall it in?
[16:00] Lias Leandros: in 2006 she blocked Chief sim because of the tier payers there she did not approve of
[16:00] Blondin Linden: It's not a griefing wall. And she has now provided a means for resdents to explore the rest of the region
[16:00] Lias Leandros: it is a griefing wall
[16:01] Blondin Linden: Do you like the idea of a region directory here at the hub?
[16:01] Blondin Linden: Would that be something you would be interested in?
[16:01] Lias Leandros: you can think of no reason it was put up 3 years after the hub was built
[16:01] Lias Leandros: no reason at all
[16:01] Lias Leandros: why does a resident volunteer builder tell the people paying tier in a sim what happens in the infohub they support?
[16:02] Lias Leandros: Why ask me do I want a directory when I have no power over anything that goes on in that parcel?
[16:02] Blondin Linden: Is the idea of a region directory here at the hub one that you would be interested in?
[16:03] Blondin Linden: B/c I'm trying to find a compromise
[16:03] Lias Leandros: I did not agree to have that there just to be insulted by the wife of a employee my service provider
[16:03] Lias Leandros: why do we need a compromise?
[16:03] Lias Leandros: why does this volunteer get to do this?
[16:03] Blondin Linden: B/c your neighbors
[16:03] Lias Leandros: and no other volunteer builder EVER did such a thing?
[16:03] Lias Leandros: She pays no Tier
[16:03] Lias Leandros: Linden Lab owns that land
[16:04] Lias Leandros: she volunteered 3 years ago to build that for the Bear community
[16:04] Blondin Linden: and she's been watching over it since
[16:04] Lias Leandros: she has no right to come back 3 years later and tell people our builds are ugly and then rez a grief wall
[16:04] Lias Leandros: watching it do what?
[16:04] Lias Leandros: its no rez no build
[16:04] Blondin Linden: It may be Linden Land but the Hub management is up to her. That was a decision that pre-dates me
[16:05] Lias Leandros: Linden Lab says they want to make premium accounts happy - and then they endorse a resident to grief the tier payers of an entire sim
[16:05] Blondin Linden: Would a resident directory be somehting you'd be interested in?
[16:05] Lias Leandros: No
[16:05] Lias Leandros: Management of the Hub is Torley Linden
[16:05] Blondin Linden: She is not greifing the sim
[16:05] Lias Leandros: no resident - no non-linden employee makes the final decsion on any Linden Land
[16:05] Blondin Linden: The wall does not grief the sim
[16:05] Lias Leandros: and we know that
[16:06] Lias Leandros: It does Blondin
[16:06] Lias Leandros: it serves no other purpose
[16:06] Lias Leandros: and she added ten more seats to encourage more crowding
[16:06] Blondin Linden: The BEar hub clearly has a theme and the wall adds to the overall atmosphere
[16:06] Lias Leandros: no it does not
[16:06] Lias Leandros: not 3 years later
[16:07] Lias Leandros: and if you come to me asking about a directory
[16:07] Lias Leandros: why was I not asked about the wall before it was erected?
[16:07] Blondin Linden: Would a directory be something you would be interested in?
[16:08] Lias Leandros: why are you asking me about additions to the Hub when I was not asked about the addition of the grief wall?
[16:08] Lias Leandros: I am not going to be held prisoner by Torley's wife
[16:08] Blondin Linden: B/c I'm trying to find a compromise
[16:08] Lias Leandros: nepotism has gone too far this time
[16:09] Lias Leandros: if its hers - if she is a neighbor - then give her the land - let her pay tier - remove the blue dot and be done with it
[16:09] Lias Leandros: I agreed to an infohub - when she made 4 huge Bear legs in 2006 I said no and she removed them
[16:09] Lias Leandros: we were told we would have a say in what was put there
[16:10] Lias Leandros: we never agreed to a grief wall
[16:10] Lias Leandros: there is no need for a compromise
[16:10] Lias Leandros: just give her the land
[16:10] Lias Leandros: put it in her name
[16:10] Blondin Linden: When a swap in land was offered to you - why didn't you take it?
[16:10] Lias Leandros: I was there the day the sim was rezzed
[16:10] Lias Leandros: before a road
[16:11] Lias Leandros: before a telehub or infohub
[16:11] Lias Leandros: no wife of the employee of the service provider should force me to give up my known location
[16:11] Lias Leandros: your all being absurb
[16:11] Lias Leandros: to please this woman
[16:11] Lias Leandros: because who she is married to
[16:13] Blondin Linden is typing...
[16:13] Blondin Linden: I am trying to find a compromise. The way I see it, THe increased agent limit, the door and a directory accomplishes that
[16:14] Lias Leandros: no it did not
[16:14] Lias Leandros: blocking the view of EVERYTHING in Bear sim is an insult
[16:14] Lias Leandros: a insult that she likes to tell people she did because our builds are ugly
[16:14] Blondin Linden: It's not blocked anymore
[16:14] Blondin Linden: THe Door provides a way out
[16:14] Lias Leandros: it is Blondin
[16:15] Lias Leandros: all one can see is Linden road
[16:15] Lias Leandros: nothing in Bear built by the people that pay tier there
[16:15] Lias Leandros: absolutely no other infohub has had this happen
[16:15] Blondin Linden: So let a directory promote them
[16:15] Lias Leandros: and you would not allow it anywhere else
[16:15] Blondin Linden: Look, I'm signing off. THink about it and come back to me monday
[16:16] Blondin Linden: Try and have a good wknd
[16:16] Lias Leandros: The wall has to come down
[16:16] Lias Leandros: or give her the land
[16:16] Lias Leandros: period
[16:16] Lias Leandros: goodnight
I will bend over further so Blondin can blow more sunshine up my ass.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


While Linden Lab gives lip service to improving the experience of premium account holders the following harassment continues.

I have had land in Bear sim since the sim was created in 2005. Before there was a telehub, road or infohub. In 2006 when Torley Linden asked me did I want a Infohub for new players to rez and explore I said yes. He chose the builder because I was fairly new and could not build. The build was completed and sat there for some time. New players occasionally rezzed, wandered and moved on.

In 2007 Lindne Lab changed the definition of the infohub and encouraged mass unsupervised gathering there. So now a sim that can only hold 40 avatars at once mostly supports the infohub loiterers (not just new players now, but mostly older, established accounts that like to greif and stand in the infohub). I pay $125 USD a month in tier to use the sim resources in Bear and cannot even hold a class for five avatars in my DJ school. My money goes to support Linden Lab's parking lot.

After a year of Abuse reports to Linden Lab about UNFAIR USE OF SIM RESOURCES, their Live Help representative offerred me the same amount of land in another mainland sim. This was some progress. For 12 months the AR Team, The Community Team and Concierge said that the infohub had no negative impact on the sim server and did not impede my ability to use my fair share of resources. Finally Live Help admitted that the infohub uses an excessive amount of sim resources. But the offer to move me was not one that made sense. I was here first. I have over 16,000 Meters in the sim with custom content and builds on them. The Infohub is a wooden shack (that people rarely enter - they stand around outside 'camping' for hours and chatting) and a few prims with a brick texture on it. It is of course easier to move that small structure than for me to move my builds. The parking lot loiterers can loiter anywhere. I have invested nearly four years, thousands of real dollars and hours into my location. And I will not be bullied into starting over. Even by my service provider.

One day after I refused Live Help's offer to move me, Bear sim Infohub was full for three days straight. I had to cancel all classes and events because we could not even teleport the staff into the sim. After I Abuse Reported the infohub for UNFAIR USE OF SIM RESOURCES the resident that built the infohub in 2006 came to the infohub and rezzed megaprim walls around the infohub and informed residents in the infohub that the wall was there to block site of my parcel across the street. Of course this blocked the other tier-paying residents' parcels from the people rezzing in the infohub also.

To be clear - I do not derive my customer base from the traffick at the infohub. If I wanted to monopolize upon that sort of traffick - I would have had one of my clubs where my school is (across from the infohub) and rented out retail space to anyone that wanted it. So this wall has no effect on my SL business. What it does effect is the relationship the service provider (Linden Lab) has with their Premium Account holder (me). Since the Linden Department of Public Works refuses to remove the wall (Citing the Bear infohub is set to a group owned by Torley Linden so only Torley has any oversight over this particular infohub even though it is Governor Lindne Land), Torley Linden will not take the wall down or have his group member that rezzed the wall remove it and Katt Linden refused to acknowledge that a agent of Linden Lab abused her power to rez the megaprims on Governor Linden Land (even as Linden Lab discourages the use of megaprims on the mainland- hypocritical at best) - the wall remains and the builder continues to tell residents she rezzed it to block the Tier payer in the sim.

For a agent of Linden Lab to block the view of Bear Sim from residents rezzing in the infohub is a gross abuse of the power Linden Lab alotted to her. The Department of Public Works refuses to remove the wall stating that the Bear Infohub is under Torley Linden's supervision since it is set to his group - and Torley Linden refuses to respond about the wall or remove it. This is all in an effort to force me to move out of Bear Sim so the Linden parking lot can flourish.

So here we are going into YEAR TWO of the Mexican standoff between a premium account holder and the service provider. When Lindne Lab gets serious about curtailing the greivance actions of it's employees toward their customers they will be well on their way to vastly improving the experience of premium accounts.

This is fair waring to anyone thinking of getting a premium account and buyimg mainland server space from Linden Lab.

-Lias Leandros
Premium Account Holder in Bear Sim since 2005