Friday, July 17, 2009


I just had a silly conversation with Blondin Linden where he attempts to say Ravenelle's grief wall blocking Bear sim (but not Chief Sim) was put there 3 years after the infohub was built because it adds to teh aesthetic of the infohub ( No infohub in Second Life anywhere has a mega prim wall rezzed around it). Nepotism out of control. I guess if I knew that Ravenelle's was Torley Linden's wife I would have had second thoughts when he suggested her to build the Bear infohub. Her unhealthy attachment t this parcel started immediately in 2006 when she griefed retailers in Chief with a similar wall. But this one is her full monument to a Crazy-Lady Like grief - blocking an entire sim, adding ten more seats to a overcrowded infohub to encourage more loitering and enlisting the assistance of Welcome Area Griefers to harass the tier payers of Bear Sim. Below is the nonsense conversation I just had with Blondin Linden.


[15:26] Blondin Linden: (Saved Fri Jul 17 10:24:30 2009) Hi Lias. Let me know when your online
[15:27] Lias Leandros: Hi Blondin I am online
[15:27] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[15:51] Blondin Linden: Hi
[15:51] Lias Leandros: i
[15:51] Lias Leandros: hi
[15:52] Blondin Linden: So I'd like to have a quick little chat about the Bear Wall
[15:52] Blondin Linden: :)
[15:52] Lias Leandros: oh wow, ok
[15:53] Blondin Linden: have you seen it recently?
[15:53] Lias Leandros: I assume Torley's boss made his wife put a hole in it
[15:53] Blondin Linden: But you've seen the door
[15:53] Lias Leandros: Why is this non linden employee allowed to greif the Bear Sim?
[15:53] Blondin Linden: She's not greifing the sim
[15:54] Lias Leandros: she put a small hole in the wall that blocks the view of the entire sim
[15:54] Lias Leandros: she SAYS she put up the wall because all of the builds in Bear are ugly
[15:54] Lias Leandros: thats her statement
[15:54] Lias Leandros: That is the information she shares with any resident that asks
[15:54] Blondin Linden: Well, its a doorway regardless and it looks good to me.
[15:55] Lias Leandros: If she was doing it for asthetics - Cheif Sim would be blocked also
[15:55] Blondin Linden: I also notice tha the agent limit for Bear is now 50
[15:55] Lias Leandros: Itsa a attack on Bear sim while Chief Sim is left alone
[15:55] Blondin Linden: agent limit
[15:55] Lias Leandros: there is no way 50 avatars can be in Bear without there being extreme sim issues
[15:56] Blondin Linden: Well, you can say that for any region with a hub in it
[15:56] Lias Leandros: your own one sim infohubs have a limit of 40
[15:56] Blondin Linden: Have you been to Hau Koda recently?
[15:57] Lias Leandros: Just yesterday i Had to wait in Nepessing toget in Bear because all the green dots in the sim were in the infohub
[15:57] Blondin Linden: I was in Bear yesterday as well and I did not have that problem
[15:57] Lias Leandros: I really do not know why you all allow the wife of an employee to rez a grief wall in a infohub
[15:58] Lias Leandros: You just contacted me to tell me you like the hole and thats it?
[15:58] Lias Leandros: I figure if I can get a hole then I can get the entire grief wall removed
[15:58] Blondin Linden: I had a chat with Ravenella yesterday as well and I posed a suggestion to her to go along with the new doorway. I was thinking that she could make a Bear Region Business Directoy with LMs or notecards or whatever and display it front and center at the hub.
[15:59] Lias Leandros: The Wall Blondin
[15:59] Lias Leandros: causes community issues there
[15:59] Blondin Linden: The wall does not grief the sim
[15:59] Lias Leandros: she tells the people that loiter there that the wall is to protect them from the ugly builds in Bear
[15:59] Lias Leandros: what reason did she tell you that 3 years after building a hub - that she decided to wall it in?
[16:00] Lias Leandros: in 2006 she blocked Chief sim because of the tier payers there she did not approve of
[16:00] Blondin Linden: It's not a griefing wall. And she has now provided a means for resdents to explore the rest of the region
[16:00] Lias Leandros: it is a griefing wall
[16:01] Blondin Linden: Do you like the idea of a region directory here at the hub?
[16:01] Blondin Linden: Would that be something you would be interested in?
[16:01] Lias Leandros: you can think of no reason it was put up 3 years after the hub was built
[16:01] Lias Leandros: no reason at all
[16:01] Lias Leandros: why does a resident volunteer builder tell the people paying tier in a sim what happens in the infohub they support?
[16:02] Lias Leandros: Why ask me do I want a directory when I have no power over anything that goes on in that parcel?
[16:02] Blondin Linden: Is the idea of a region directory here at the hub one that you would be interested in?
[16:03] Blondin Linden: B/c I'm trying to find a compromise
[16:03] Lias Leandros: I did not agree to have that there just to be insulted by the wife of a employee my service provider
[16:03] Lias Leandros: why do we need a compromise?
[16:03] Lias Leandros: why does this volunteer get to do this?
[16:03] Blondin Linden: B/c your neighbors
[16:03] Lias Leandros: and no other volunteer builder EVER did such a thing?
[16:03] Lias Leandros: She pays no Tier
[16:03] Lias Leandros: Linden Lab owns that land
[16:04] Lias Leandros: she volunteered 3 years ago to build that for the Bear community
[16:04] Blondin Linden: and she's been watching over it since
[16:04] Lias Leandros: she has no right to come back 3 years later and tell people our builds are ugly and then rez a grief wall
[16:04] Lias Leandros: watching it do what?
[16:04] Lias Leandros: its no rez no build
[16:04] Blondin Linden: It may be Linden Land but the Hub management is up to her. That was a decision that pre-dates me
[16:05] Lias Leandros: Linden Lab says they want to make premium accounts happy - and then they endorse a resident to grief the tier payers of an entire sim
[16:05] Blondin Linden: Would a resident directory be somehting you'd be interested in?
[16:05] Lias Leandros: No
[16:05] Lias Leandros: Management of the Hub is Torley Linden
[16:05] Blondin Linden: She is not greifing the sim
[16:05] Lias Leandros: no resident - no non-linden employee makes the final decsion on any Linden Land
[16:05] Blondin Linden: The wall does not grief the sim
[16:05] Lias Leandros: and we know that
[16:06] Lias Leandros: It does Blondin
[16:06] Lias Leandros: it serves no other purpose
[16:06] Lias Leandros: and she added ten more seats to encourage more crowding
[16:06] Blondin Linden: The BEar hub clearly has a theme and the wall adds to the overall atmosphere
[16:06] Lias Leandros: no it does not
[16:06] Lias Leandros: not 3 years later
[16:07] Lias Leandros: and if you come to me asking about a directory
[16:07] Lias Leandros: why was I not asked about the wall before it was erected?
[16:07] Blondin Linden: Would a directory be something you would be interested in?
[16:08] Lias Leandros: why are you asking me about additions to the Hub when I was not asked about the addition of the grief wall?
[16:08] Lias Leandros: I am not going to be held prisoner by Torley's wife
[16:08] Blondin Linden: B/c I'm trying to find a compromise
[16:08] Lias Leandros: nepotism has gone too far this time
[16:09] Lias Leandros: if its hers - if she is a neighbor - then give her the land - let her pay tier - remove the blue dot and be done with it
[16:09] Lias Leandros: I agreed to an infohub - when she made 4 huge Bear legs in 2006 I said no and she removed them
[16:09] Lias Leandros: we were told we would have a say in what was put there
[16:10] Lias Leandros: we never agreed to a grief wall
[16:10] Lias Leandros: there is no need for a compromise
[16:10] Lias Leandros: just give her the land
[16:10] Lias Leandros: put it in her name
[16:10] Blondin Linden: When a swap in land was offered to you - why didn't you take it?
[16:10] Lias Leandros: I was there the day the sim was rezzed
[16:10] Lias Leandros: before a road
[16:11] Lias Leandros: before a telehub or infohub
[16:11] Lias Leandros: no wife of the employee of the service provider should force me to give up my known location
[16:11] Lias Leandros: your all being absurb
[16:11] Lias Leandros: to please this woman
[16:11] Lias Leandros: because who she is married to
[16:13] Blondin Linden is typing...
[16:13] Blondin Linden: I am trying to find a compromise. The way I see it, THe increased agent limit, the door and a directory accomplishes that
[16:14] Lias Leandros: no it did not
[16:14] Lias Leandros: blocking the view of EVERYTHING in Bear sim is an insult
[16:14] Lias Leandros: a insult that she likes to tell people she did because our builds are ugly
[16:14] Blondin Linden: It's not blocked anymore
[16:14] Blondin Linden: THe Door provides a way out
[16:14] Lias Leandros: it is Blondin
[16:15] Lias Leandros: all one can see is Linden road
[16:15] Lias Leandros: nothing in Bear built by the people that pay tier there
[16:15] Lias Leandros: absolutely no other infohub has had this happen
[16:15] Blondin Linden: So let a directory promote them
[16:15] Lias Leandros: and you would not allow it anywhere else
[16:15] Blondin Linden: Look, I'm signing off. THink about it and come back to me monday
[16:16] Blondin Linden: Try and have a good wknd
[16:16] Lias Leandros: The wall has to come down
[16:16] Lias Leandros: or give her the land
[16:16] Lias Leandros: period
[16:16] Lias Leandros: goodnight
I will bend over further so Blondin can blow more sunshine up my ass.