Monday, September 7, 2009

Some People 'Get It'

Binyamin Blogfan: Hi Lias, I agree with you about the "Grief Wall" in Bear. I went to the infohub a few days ago thinking I could sit in a bench and look at a wonderful view from a hill top and take some nice pics. NO!!!!! What I saw was a place surrounded by a disgusting wall and I felt clostrophobic!!! I have no idea what this wall is supposed to protect noobs from? All I could see around Bear was an info center, tastefull clothing shop, a sand box for NOOBS!!!, a very nice fun house, a club store, and MY OWN HOUSE. I notice the wall doesn't effect an adjoing info area and shop right next to the infohub (probably friends of the wall creator). The wall on the Chief side is far worse. It is an opaque shiny gold wall. It completely ruins the view next to my house. To retaliate I put signs above it. I've sent a few pics for you to see what it looks like now looking toward Chief. Thanks for the cause!!!