Monday, January 18, 2010

2010: The Grief Wall & Crowding continue

Three years after I asked the people standing in the Linden Parking Lot to please make room for the people coming to the parcel I pay for in Bear sim - Ravenelle has increased the seating to make sure more people loiter there and cause imposible lag all day, crowd out any events scheduled in the sim and use her greif wall to block out any merchant's trying to conduct business in Bear Sim.

Blondin Linden still says that the wall is not a greif wall and Linden Lab refuses to remove it. Yet Ravenelle pays no tier for this land. Thsi land is Linden owned and the new players that end up there are sent there by Linden Lab.

This situation connot be resolved because Ravenelle is the real-life wife of Torley Linden - and she feels - along with every Linden Lab employee - that this makes her log cabin more important than the tier I have been paying in Bear since the sim rezzed - way before I agreed with Torley to have a infohub in Bear Sim.

July 2010 will be the 3 year anniversary of this Linden-endorsed harassment. No other infohub anywhere has a greif wall built to block out one side of a sim (Chief sim on the opther side is not blocked at all).

Linden Lab has admitted that - as new user experiences- Infohubs are a fail. Nothing but griefers and bad experiences for new players. The Gateway program is the new system that will be in place.

When the Bay City Infohub overflow was making it difficult for the paying residents to enjoy what they were paying for - Linden Lab moved the Hub - problem solved. But Ravenelle and Torley Linden refuse to move the Hub in Bear sim - and have decided to just attempt to run anyone out of business that complains about the lodge they do not pay for.

I sit in awe at Linden Lab's treatment of a customer that has paid tier since 2005 in the same sim. Hopefully the employee turnover in the Lab will garner a person with enough power and common sense to end this bullying so the Bear Sim can become productive again.